Pissed-off Christians destroy mediocre photograph

In France, the Christians are apparently jealous of all the cool extremism the Muslims have been getting away with — fatwas against novelists and comic artists, for example — so some of them decided to raid an art gallery and destroy Andres Serrano’s infamous Piss Christ photograph.

I’ve never been that impressed with Serrano, and Piss Christ seems to exist on the same artistic level as Stuff On My Cat (with, admittedly, better lighting), all of which makes it even more bizarre that people would get upset enough about it to destroy it.

I mean, really, this is a photograph of a piece of sculpture. That’s not Jesus in the urine, it’s an artist’s depiction of Jesus. And the fact that the reddish-yellow fluid is urine doesn’t appear anywhere in the picture. It’s something the photographer has said about the picture. (Which is, again, part of the reason I don’t find it very impressive as art.)

Look, no matter what your religious views, other people with other views are going to think you’re wrong and that your religion is evil and/or stupid. In fact, “all other religions are evil and/or stupid” is pretty much the one philosophical stance that all religions share.

Other people don’t love your religion. Suck it up.

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