I first heard of libertarianism back when I was in high school, and the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President, Ed Clark, was getting some attention in the 1980 election. From what I heard about Libertarian policies on the issues, they seemed to take the liberty thing really seriously — legalized drugs, legalized prostitution, legalized gambling.

Wow. I gave them points for consistency, but what a bunch of crazies!

Twenty-two years, two college degrees, lots of reading, and a technological revolution or two later, and I launched my own libertarian-themed blog Windypundit. (Back then, the fledgling blogosphere was ruled by the iron hand of Instapundit, and it seemed to make sense to name our blogs “something-pundit.”)

Windypundit eventually grew to cover economics, science, culture, politics, law, blogging, photography, and my personal life. Somewhere along the way I volunteered as a community reporter for the Chi-Town Daily News (until it folded) and became a contributor to When Falls the Coliseum. These experiences got me thinking that it would be fun to start a group blog.

The eventual result was the launch of this blog, the new Nobody’s Business, which will focus somewhat narrowly on libertarian issues, making it easier to put together a group of bloggers with similar interests.

I plan to keep posting all the other stuff on Windypundit.

By way of background, I’m a software developer by training, and I have a one-man consulting business. My hobbies include photography, playing computer games, reading, and watching lots of TV. I live in Chicago with my wife and our cats.