Ranaan Katz. Kinda rhymes with putz.

Miami Heat owner Ranaan Katz has enough money to buy laywers to do his bullying for him, including sending legal threats to bloggers who dare publish an unflattering photo of him (see below). Oh, and he’s suing Google too. Good luck with that.

I actually prefer this version, enhanced with extra idiocy (seems apt) : b41111b05c54fe1965c98e620c66c9a1.gif

Here’s a confident prediction: Katz’s legal beagles will not just fail, but fail epically — obviously being too stupid (or too greedy in their pursuit of Katz’s fools’ gold, which amounts to the same thing) to understand how the following things work:

The First Amendment.
The Streisand Effect.

This’ll be interesting (and funny) to watch.

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