Ron Paul: Hell freezes over

Well well, lookie here:

I’m a bit bothered by Ron Paul’s ideas on immigration. I’m more than a bit bothered by the man’s apparent abandonment of his libertarian bona fides when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. I’m bothered as hell by the absolutely scandalous racism in his 20-year-old newsletters, nastiness which he has (to his credit) repeatedly disavowed, but (very much not to his credit) never explained.

And the Atlantic is surely entitled to ask

If Ron Paul is so libertarian that he won’t even police people who use his name [the authors of the newsletters], if his movement is filled with incompetents and opportunists, then what kind of a president would he make? Would he even check in to see if his ideas are being implemented? Who would he appoint to Cabinet positions?


I’d still rather have someone in the White House whose ideas are at heart about leaving people alone, than any of the meddlesome Christianists whose every legislative impulse is to expand government powers at the expense of our pocketbooks and our constitutional rights.

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