Going mental, going metric

Another pot raid [via Balko].

No deaths this time, not even a gun battle, just seventeen shattered windows, a battered-down front door, plus half-burned curtains and char marks on the walls from the flash grenades the officers threw.

The haul? Some water pipes and, allegedly, 20 grams of marijuana.

Isn’t it interesting that when cops announce the drugs seized in a pot bust, they suddenly use the metric system? You’ll never hear them talk about how they filled their patrol cars with 70 liters of gas, or how they gained three kilos since going on that all-donut diet.

But after they find some marijuana, it’s, “Ooh, look everyone, twenty grams!”

I guess that does sound better than saying they destroyed someone’s home over .7 (zero-point-seven) ounces of weed — the weight of four nickels.

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