Stuff I can’t write a whole post about:

  • Health insurance price controls: Because health insurance should be as easy to get as a rent-controlled apartment in New York.
  • One of my complaints about government programs for the poor is that they never just give the poor some money so they’ll be less poor. Instead, they use the money to hire middle-class people to provide services to the poor. Unless it gets spent on consultants and lobbyists.
  • Obama finds a middle ground on immigration that turns out to screw things up real bad.
  • How to kill jobs in Nashville in one easy step.
  • Reason produced a video about the attempt by wealth businessmen in D.C. to steal independent taxi drivers’ independence
  • …and Freddie deBoer over at Balloon Juice completely misses the point.
  • Rogier mentioned this story about a TSA officer accused of stealing from passengers…which is, I guess, an improvement on the usual practice of molesting them.
  • The federal government protects a waitress from alleged sexual harassment by a Palm Beach County deputy…by suing the restaurant for not doing something to stop the deputy. (h/t Balko)
  • Finally, Michelle Bachman signs Family Leader’s “Marriage Vow” pledge to oppose gay marriage by defending the Defense of Marriage Act and passing an Amendment to the Constitution. As part of the vow, she also agreed to require “cooling off” periods for divorces, reject Sharia, and ban pornography. Maybe this will finally put an end to the viscous smear that Bachman is one of us libertarians.
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