Check out Radley Balko’s new digs

Radley Balko, whom I think I can safely say is admired by everyone at Nobody’s Business, is now posting at his new digs at HuffPo. His first post is the infuriating story of how the the Pima County, Arizona SWAT team that shot a U.S. Marine named Jose Guerena during a drug raid that didn’t find any drugs and then left him to die for an hour before the paramedics were allowed to see him.

It’s a pretty ugly story, and Radley really takes apart the BS and CYA coming out of the Sheriff’s Department.

It’s also a good first story for Radley at HuffPo, since I’ve heard that some of the readers there were worried about a “right-wing” guy like Radley getting a column. I don’t think too many people on the left are in favor of random police shootings.

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